Are you amongst the growing number of people who have discovered
that building Amazon Product Sites is very lucrative?

If you are then you will know that building Amazon Products Sites
can also be quite difficult and very time consuming.

Of course you can cut corners by simply using one of the many
so-called premium Amazon themes available today but,
although you might well end up with quite a good looking site,
it will look like hundreds of other sites using the same theme.

So, what is the answer to this problem?

Simple…Let us build you an empire of

Unique Custom Designed Amazon Product Sites.

Sites like this, which follows a classic blog layout…

Or sites like this, which include a storefront look…

Every Site Includes:

A Premium WordPress Theme. All of our sites are built on our own in-house WordPress theme which is used only for sites created using our design service. You will not find this theme anywhere on the web, except on sites which we have designed.

A Unique Header Graphic. We create a unique themed header graphic for each site we build.

A Set Of Unique Spotlight Graphics. We create a set of up to 6 graphics for products you wish to spotlight. These graphics will display in rotation.

A Set Of Unique Featured Product Graphics. We create a set of 3 graphics, chosen from the 6 products used for the spotlight area, to display in the Featured Products area at the bottom of each page of the site.

Standard Site Pages. Every site we build includes an ‘About-Us’, a ‘Privacy-Policy’ and a ‘Contact’ page.

Amazon Disclosure. Every site we build also includes an Amazon Disclosure Statement which is a requirement of the Amazon Affiliate Program.


If you have already chosen the topic for your site and selected the products which you wish to spotlight on the home page then you simply need to let us have details of those products and we will take it from there.

However, if you are not sure what you are looking for, then just give us a general idea of the sort of products you would like to promote and we will do the research for you and select a suitable topic and products for the site.

And, if you’ve really no idea what you want to promote then we let us pick a topic and spotlight products and surprise you!

The Site Content

When it comes to adding content to the site we are extremely flexible and you can choose between adding the content yourself or having us add it for you.

  • If you prefer to hand write your own unique product reviews, than we will not add any product posts to the site but will leave you to add your own content.
  • Similarly, if you have your own favored content automation solution (such as WP Robot or ReviewAZON) then again we can leave you to add your own content posts.
  • However, if you would like us to build out the site for you then we are more than happy to do so. In this case we will add products to the site using the premium Amaniche plugin. This is an excellent plugin which we will also leave in place for you (with a free single-site license) so that you can edit the posts we add, perhaps adding your own custom descriptions, and also add further products in the future.

Site Installation

We will take care of installation for you and, once the design is completed, will build the site straight onto your own hosting account. All you need to do is to set the site up with your web host, install WordPress on the site and create an FTP access account for us. If that sounds complicated, don’t worry, it’s actually quite simple and we will take you though everything step by step if necessary.

For examples of our work check out some of our…

Or our…

And finally, don’t forget to check out our current prices…